Throwing, trimming, and handling mug forms with Aurora

Tuesdays 1-4 PM
May 17 through June 7

$175 per person, includes clay

Location: Auburn Clay Arts Studio, 808 Lincoln Way (around back), Auburn, CA

This four-week course with Aurora offers focused instruction in the art of making mugs. Tall mugs, round mugs, elaborate mugs, or simple mugs - explore shapes and sizes! The first two classes will focus on throwing the body shape of the mug, and the following two classes will be dedicated to trimming, adding handles, and finally glazing your work. 


25 lbs of clay (one bag) is included in the course fee. During the course dates (5/17-6/7) you are encouraged to come to open studio hours for additional (unlimited) practice time. 


Please read our cancellation policy and studio rules before booking.