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Studio Membership

One of the best parts about belonging to the studio is just that - it's the belonging. We are a special community of friendly and welcoming folks who love ceramics, people, dogs (and some cats), food, learning, plants, music, coffee, and lots of other neat things. Many of us were drawn here for the craft but have stuck around for the relationships. Studio membership may be right for you if you are skilled enough to work independently (instruction is not included), if you can make the open studio hours work with your schedule, and are generally a patient, congenial, and relatively tidy human. 

The details:

The cost is $150/month. This can be paid directly to Aurora or Sara or via the link below. We will accommodate requests for refunds within a week of payment, but not after. The term is month-to-month, cancel when you wish, but if you sign up online please be aware that your membership fee will auto-pay unless canceled!

What is included:

- Unlimited studio time during open studio hours (see Contact page for times).

- Use of all tools, equipment, and glazes.

- A cubby with your name on it to store clay and non-valuable items.

- An allotted amount of kiln space per month (0.5 cubic ft). Extra items beyond this allotment will incur a small fee. See below for more on this.

What is not included:

- Clay is not provided. You may purchase clay from the studio (we have a rotating selection) or you may bring your own clay, but it MUST BE CONE 10. No exceptions on this. 

- We can't store large amounts of work in progress. We are just too small of an operation to handle lots and lots of stuff on our shelves. 

- We are primarily a ceramics school. We are not set up to be utilized by a professional or semi-professional potter who is looking to churn out lots of work to sell. We reserve the right to revoke your membership if this behavior is observed. That being said, we have no particular issue with members or students selling the odd piece here and there.

Kiln Space and Firing:

We bisque fire work to cone 06 in our electric kiln, and fire glazed work in our gas kiln to cone 10/11 in a reduction atmosphere. Most of our studio glazes are Laguna cone 10 glazes, with some rotating glaze options that we make in house. 

As a member, you are entitled to 0.5 cubic feet of kiln space. This includes bisque and glaze firing. For reference, this is exactly the size of an empty 50 lb clay box from Laguna. It fits approximately 9 mugs, or four soup bowls, or four dinner plates. If you would like to fire more than this allotment, there will be a fee per item. The fees for additional items are: $2 for average mug size or smaller; $4 for medium bowl size; $7 for plates or platters; and up to $15 for oversized items (more than 12" tall or wide). 

We fire the kilns whenever we are able to fill them up, which is 1-2 weeks for bisque firings, and approximately 4 weeks for glaze firings. There are times when you may need to exercise patience while you wait for your work to ascend to the next level of the ceramic process.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions - email us at



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